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Tracey Bissett

Tracey Bissett

Bissett Financial Fitness Inc.

As President and Chief Financial Fitness Trainer of Bissett Financial Fitness Inc., Tracey educates and empowers entrepreneurs to take control of and live their financial lives with confidence. With over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry working with personal, commercial and corporate clients to help them achieve their financial goals. Tracey leads speaking engagements and is the Executive Producer and host of the Young Money podcast all focused on increasing financial fitness awareness.

Can I Afford It?

•Are you constantly stressed about whether you can or can’t afford something?
•Are money worries monopolizing your thoughts and bringing decision making to a screeching halt?
•Are you up at night wondering if you will be able to make payroll?
•Can you take that vacation you promised your family?

If you have one or all of these thoughts, this masterclass Can I Afford It? How to be certain of what you can and can’t afford in your business in 5 minutes or less every time, is for you.

This training has been specifically designed for entrepreneurs with sales in the 6 to 7 figure range to provide the 5 Steps to Cash Flow Clarity.

If you are an entrepreneur with sales at these levels and want to make powerful money decisions, you do not want to miss this important masterclass. Stop asking yourself the question Can I afford it?


Goals & Growth

Time Length

60 minutes

Type of Presentation


Key Elements

What is cash flow and why it’s THE KEY to having peace as an entrepreneur.


The 5 steps to cash flow clarity


How to make business decisions in 5 mins or less


Other Topics

  • You’re Not Speaking The Banker’s Language: Increase your financial knowledge so you can get the financing you need
  • How To Actually Get Paid From Your Business: Discover the tools you need to understand your financial position, assess costing and profits, AND start making real money
  • Understanding Your Financial Statements: Learn the basics of financial statements, how to effectively analyze them AND discover what lenders actually care about

I am not a money-minded person and I don’t love numbers. With that said, Tracey makes practical sense of finances in an interesting and no-nonsense way.

Brittany Pickrem

Founder of Branding by Britt

Content is excellent; clear, helpful and timely. Of course, your credentials and experience are perfect for guiding people to stay “financially fit”.

Sherri Munro

Co-Founder at Capital Ready

Tracey has a ton of experience and knowledge, but what I love is how she’s able to explain things so clearly and concisely, without making her audience feel overwhelmed. I trust what she has to say and am looking forward to hearing more from her.

Stefanie Fiore

Founder of Crrumb

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