New beginnings are filled with hope and anticipation of what is possible. How can we capitalize on this energy to gain momentum as we step into a new year? Making New Year resolutions is a common approach in our society, but how effective are we at keeping them?

From my own experience, making resolutions is easy, it’s keeping them that’s a challenge. The breakdown is in the goals, not how we word them but aligning them with what we care about. If I make a goal (this may sound familiar) to stick to an exercise program this year, I will be much more successful if I take time to reflect and dig deeper to figure out why I want to do this.

If it’s just to fit into the pants that are hanging in the back of my closet, I’m not likely to stick to my fitness plan when the weather gets bad or I’m feeling low in energy. However, if I really care about my vitality, about feeling energetic and vibrant and I know that for me, exercise is the key ingredient, then I am much more likely to take action towards physical fitness. In fact, I will be more engaged in the actual exercising too.

When we connect to our why, the actions we take have more meaning and commitment. I am much more likely to be engaged and successful when I am taking actions that are attached to taking care of what I care about.

Another important part of keeping the forward momentum is in the practice. When we make a commitment to take action, it’s essential that we stay the course, develop steps that we take routinely. Consistency with what we practice will further develop our capacity to achieve our goals.

Whatever your vision and goals are for 2015, take time to really think about why you want to invest your energy and time. Design actions you can consistently take to move you towards your desired outcome. Reflect weekly how it is working for you.

When we connect our vision to our purpose and what we care about, we are empowered to determine clear and meaningful goals. Knowing our why allows us to move forward with a sense of enthusiasm and energy for what is possible.

It also helps us to stick to our plan when life’s road bumps try to send us off course. For 2015, take time out to reflect on what you care about, with this as your starting point, you will be on the path to having a focused and fulfilling year ahead. Happy New Year!

Amy Vodarek

Amy Vodarek

Amy Vodarek and Associates

Amy Vodarek is the founder of Amy Vodarek and Associates (, a leadership development company. She is an executive and leadership coach, educator and author, guiding women to leverage their potential to create the impact and life they desire.