Corey McCusker is one busy woman. She doesn’t have just one business, but several! The common thread is that she is helping people and when needed, solving problems.

When she left high school she went straight to work at Canada Trust and in her 20 years with the organization, moved her way rapidly up the ranks. Every two years she seemed to change position, giving her an opportunity to learn new aspects of the financial industry where she would be managing large teams.

But after 20 years, she knew it was time to move on and 12 years ago she started her coaching/training business, and she’s never looked back. She’s a master practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis and studied neuroscience.

Much of her coaching practice is focused on mental performance, sharing learning strategies to assist people focus, overcome burnout and achieve peak performance. “ I love helping people gain clarity on what would light them up.”

With a focus on sports, she often works with sports professionals and teams on gaining the winning mentality to be successful in their sport, and through the Expert Express program supported by the Government Corey is able to provides 12 hours of coaching to selected sports clubs.

In her second business, she teaches dog obedience and has managed to combine her love of dogs with teaching owners how best to interact with their pets. She also offers Kids and K9, a week-long summer camp for children where they can bring their dogs. This program has helped many overcome anxiety and become more self-confident while having fun with their pet.

And it is this business that she is positioning to take to the next level and is on a quest to find her own space to run the classes, provide camps, plus work with training dogs to be therapy animals to help people cope or just bring smiles to their faces.

Armed with a business plan which the bank has approved, she is now on a search for appropriate space. Her local small business centre was most helpful, she reported, in helping her pull together her business plan, something she recommends all new entrepreneurs work on. “Getting clear on your niche, just makes marketing so much easier.”

Now if this wasn’t enough, she also acts as a host for the Women Travel Network, accompanying women, usually a group of 16, to different countries. Her role is to ensure that any issues get resolved seamlessly in the background. As a result, she has travelled to Tuscany, Greece, Peru, Africa and Scotland. “Going to Africa was on my bucket list, so this particular trip was a dream come true.

Life is never dull for Corey, and it looks like the future will continue to be interesting as she works to help people grapple with their challenges and come out ahead.