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September 26, 2017
12:00 – 1:00 pm


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Whether you are just starting your business, are re-branding, or are launching a new product/service, having a good strategic business plan is essential for your success – it’s your compass and roadmap!   Yet most business owners operate with no plan and hope to be successful (it’s like throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks!)…they set sail without a clear destination, and no map or plan on how to get anywhere.  As a result, what they achieve instead of financial success is a ton of stress and burnout, over spending, and most likely business failure.

During this webinar, Linda will walk you through her INSPIRED blueprint for success, showing you the core elements of your business plan (and it doesn’t have to be daunting!), and how to build your roadmap to success efficiently and intuitively, ensuring that your business strategy is aligned with your purpose.

Key objectives:

  • Learn key considerations for your business success roadmap
  • Receive a simple and intuitive business plan outline and strategies
  • Be INSPIRED to do your business with purpose ON purpose, walking away with a few key action items you can take right away.

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Linda Spencer

Linda Spencer

VisionSpire Business Consulting

Linda Spencer is a Chartered Accountant with a twist.  She marries over 20 years of left-brained practical accounting, tax & business process improvement strategies with her right-brained creativity as a lifetime artist and recently developed intuitive coaching skills to help heart centered business owners to transform their money & finance relationship to do their business with purpose ON purpose with greater ease and joy.

Linda promotes financial literacy and well-being, by empowering her clients with the tools, knowledge, strategies and mindsets to transform their relationship with money & finance and to build their business roadmap for success, through her money mindset and profitability workshops, group training programs, guest speaking and 1-1 coaching.

Linda knows more is possible to have greater abundance and joy.  With money as the #1 stress factor, she has found that most of what contributes to today’s money stress is limiting beliefs and mindsets around money and finance, along with the lack of essential know-how to create a profitable business.



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