Growing up in Hockley Village, near Orangeville, Sherry Corbitt, wasn’t sure what she wanted to do when she grew up, so she embarked on a journalism program in college, knowing that she loved to write.

But by the time of graduation, she was on another path. During her studies, she’d worked part time at model homes on new housing developments, showing people around and she loved it.

And so she set off to become a real estate agent, a career she enjoyed for over nine years. She drew on her past experience and was mainly selling new homes.

When she ended up in hospital as a result of an etopic pregnancy and nearly lost her life, she knew it was time for a change. Because of the new home industry, much of her time was spent working evenings and weekend, and with time in hospital to reflect, she determined to change her lifestyle.

It was a visit by her mortgage broker while she was in hospital, that was the trigger she needed to switch over to become a mortgage broker. “I felt it was destined and that I was being nudged in this direction.” she shares.

And for the past eight years she has built up her mortgage brokerage practice, serving an average of 100 families a year. With a five-year old daughter, she is determined to figure out her work-life balance.

She has also developed a niche for herself, working mainly with women going through a divorce and/or separation, giving them hope that they can find an affordable home.

To Sherry, her job is all about problem-solving, finding solutions so people can afford to have or keep their home. “Unfortunately, she observes, with the new rules, fewer people will be able to purchase their first home, without someone co-signing the mortgage or borrowing from the bank of mom and dad.”

But Sherry’s love of writing hasn’t gone away. What many may not know is she is already a published author of a romance and is currently working on a book to provide useful information to those going through a divorce. “They are already lawyered out. I wanted to provide straightforward, practical information.”

And she has a deadline, as she’s been invited by the Mortgage Professionals Canada, to be a speaker in their travelling symposium which will take in eight cities across Canada this spring.   After a successful presentation at the National Conference last year, Sherry has had a taste of public speaking and she loves it.

Her advice to new mortgage brokers, or anyone really, is that it works best when you are a resource and provide useful information, not a sales pitch.

Wise words. As Sherry points out, you will keep customers when you sell them on service. And then they will come back for more and as Sherry has found, they do.