Growing up in Winnipeg, Diane’s father always wanted her to become a lawyer. She didn’t but did become an accountant and then pursued other professional qualifications.

Much of her career was with The Co-operators, a company that gave her numerous opportunities – from accounting, sales, underwriting , and systems. By the time she left, she had 400 staff reporting to her, and had developed and implemented a coaching strategy for her operations.

It was the coaching that she really enjoyed along with working with family so she worked on an exit plan based on a clear vision that she developed with her coach.

Today in her business, The Voyage Inc, she works as a professional coach, often hired by corporations to work with their staff, as well as one-on-one clients. Together with her daughter, they also provide leadership development and training programs. .

“We make a great team, as my daughter has her global business training, has taught at Schulich School of Business, was manager of strategic planning at Bombardier and has extensive consulting experience.” shares Diane.

One common challenge that often comes up with clients is what Diane calls values violations, where the values of the business or other person clash. Diane helps her clients take a broader perspective of their situation and work towards a solution.

“I am encouraged by the young women I am coaching.” she observes. “They are investing in themselves and want to make a difference.”

When Diane is not coaching, she is delivering workshops, sometimes with her husband who specializes in treating concussions and has a background in pathology and neuroscience. They have developed a number of brain and business related offerings.

When asked what advice Diane would give to someone looking for a coach, she recommended that first you be clear on what you want to work on with a coach. You also want to be sure they have the right qualifications and she suggested checking out the ICF website, which lists their accredited coaches.

Interview three or four coaches before making a decision and look at their real life background to see if there is a fit. One of the first questions she would ask is who is their coach? Diane firmly believes that coaches need to have their own coach.

What’s next for Diane? Well with her recent move to Cobble Beach, just outside of Owen Sound, Company of Women is thrilled to announce that Diane will be leading a chapter for us in Owen Sound starting on April 15 at Georgian College.

And the first speaker will be Diane, sharing her thoughts on collaboration and community, and the power of peership.