Megan was a serial entrepreneur from an early age. Beyond the usual lemonade stands, art shows and acting performances, her first official business venture was when she was 12 – the Kidz Klub – a summer camp held for neighbourhood kids in her backyard.

She went all out – designed a logo, got T-shirts printed and planned all sorts of fun activities for the children. What she hadn’t done, she observes now in hindsight, was work on a budget and she didn’t get paid upfront. Important, but tough lessons to learn.

Next she started to make a line of flannel PJs for babies, and broadened that business out to making clothes for toddlers and up. Most of the sales came through trade shows, but it was stressful not knowing what would sell and more to the point, what wouldn’t.

Then she took up knitting, making little monsters and selling them along with adoption papers. The challenge with any hand-made product is that people are often reluctant to pay for the actual time it takes to make it and so she stopped making them.

On her Etsy store, she also created and sold a line of cheeky stationery, with post it notes and stickers.

When one of her friends wanted to teach her boys how to walk to school, she came up with the idea of a play mat with the local streets on it, so the boys could learn how to walk to school.

That idea blossomed into a business, and since then her mats have been sold all over the world. “The hardest ones were when the street names were in German.” she confesses. She has an online store and sells the accessories that go along with the play mats, like stop signs, little wooden cars etc.

When she started making the play mats from her home, she and her husband looked to see what else this large printer could do. And PB Prints was born, a business they successfully run together, with Megan providing the graphic design.

They make stickers and labels and have developed a business through which they provide stickers and labels for small business. Their niche seems to be labels for lip balm, and lately hand sanitizer. Because they do small print runs, small businesses love what they offer.

Today Megan can be found quilting, knitting and has started to make and design her own clothes, but this is in her spare time as she also works for Company of Women, and has designed our websites and all our branding materials.

In fact Megan was involved in Company of Women from day one, helping in the office, setting up systems and generally managing the day-to-day administration.

As a graphic designer, she has since taken over all the branding, marketing materials and website.

No matter what she is involved in, it draws on her creativity.