As many of you may know, my daughter has become the proud owner of a cute, Golden Retriever puppy. Her first.

Now growing up, we had four dogs, three of whom we had as puppies, but kind of like childbirth, you tend to forget how demanding and challenging it can be looking after a brand new puppy (or baby.)  Your time is not your own and you have to be prepared to just go with the flow.

Determined to raise a well-behaved dog, Megan is setting the rules in place early on but as she is finding, each moment brings with it different circumstances and challenges. So she has instigated a new perspective to make living with the uncertainty more tolerable.

What does she do?  She hits the reset button when Douglas doesn’t conform, making sure that they start over with the training and she is as consistent as possible.

As she describes this process to me, it seems to me that this is actually probably a good approach to have in life generally.

When things don’t work out as you expected, you have some choices.  You can moan, groan about what has happened and stay stuck, or you can adjust and change up what you are doing, or you can stick to your guns, hit the reset button and start over.

And the latter approach could be transferred to other aspects of our lives.  I am certainly considering that option next time I hit a roadblock. Instead of giving up or totally pretzeling myself to make something work, maybe I will just hit the reset button.

After all tomorrow is another day, and another opportunity to get i

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Anne Day

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