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Patricia Muir

Patricia Muir

Maestro Quality Inc. aka Maestro Quality Executive Coaching

Patricia is a veteran businesswoman who thrives on working with women business owners to develop and implement best practices that are good for their businesses and for people. She examines gaps in systems and challenges myths that affect business excellence and women’s economic development. Challenging the status quo is a key element in her overall success.

Patricia is known for validating women’s choices and amplifying their voices in the workplace and in business. She actively participates in organizations and associations that support funding and mentoring programs for women businesses of all sizes and women business owners of all ages and diversity. She believes that although the value of our women’s network is not captured on our financial balance sheet, our women’s network is our most valuable asset.

Patricia’s ongoing personal and professional work continues to up-level her expertise in developing emotional intelligence coaching programs to meet the specific needs of women in the workplace and in business.

In 2013, after treatment for breast cancer, she developed a coaching program to help participants understand the effects of emotional intelligence on the positive return-to-work experience for women after cancer treatment.

Patricia continues to draw on her experience to develop emotional intelligence coaching programs that validate women’s choice and amplify their voice as they continue to enjoy their work after the age of sixty.

Patricia is an accredited ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and hold certifications in Emotional Intelligence, Quality Management, and Retirement Options.

Patricia continues to be formally recognized for her outstanding achievements in female leadership and contributions affecting positive change within the community of certified women businesses and diversity procurement.

New Story: Re-igniting the Desire to Return to Work After Cancer

This workshop is for working women and the business owners and HR professionals responsible for supporting women experiencing the effects of cancer on their ability to return to work. This dynamic interactive workshop will help participants understand the impact of emotional intelligence on a positive return-to-work experience for women during and after cancer.

Returning to work during or after a cancer presents unique challenges for women who are in their most productive phase of their careers. The typical challenges of financial wellbeing, relationships at home and at work, and the impact of work on their health are more intense and compounded by issues that are specific to high-performing women: Fears, bias, self-doubt, and self-actualization.

Inspired by personal experience and Return-to-Work studies, this workshop guides participants through the process of identifying 5 key factors that affect the successful return-to-work experience, plus key strategies that can be implemented immediately for all occupational groups.

Participants will walk away with a Return-to-Work model that supports the full spectrum of a working woman’s needs. Plus, insight, tools, and techniques for navigating and managing the effects and potential setbacks that women experience when cancer impacts their lives and work. Plus, best practices for
employers and employees that will have a positive impact a healthy workplace and the bottom line.

Returning to work is not just about physical and mental energy; it is very much about emotional energy to re-ignite the desire to return to work and create a new story.


Health & Wellness
Goals & Growth

Time Length

60 minutes

Type of Presentation


Key Elements

Fear of losing status and forward momentum in their profession and their career.


Compromised motivation, desire, enthusiasm, and confidence.


Fear of compromised confidentiality and bias. The consequences, effects, and impact.


Keep-going; Keep growing”: Best practices for scaling a mature business


Other Topics

  • Prove Them Wrong: The Joy of Working After Sixty
  • Every Moment Matters: The New Retirement Lifestyle
  • Keep-going; Keep growing”: Best practices for scaling a mature business

Patricia Muir does a fabulous job of distilling the principles of EQI into readily internalized and meaningful messages.  The assessment results helped me to hone in on areas that I am eager to improve.  The workshop materials, coupled with Patricia’s insightful coaching, helped me to set action plans in motion to address my desired changes.  Onward and upward!

Sue Edwards

PCC, Development-by-Design

Patricia helped me to become more aware and to be able to interpret my feelings in stressful situations; then she gave me the tools I needed to react positively to such challenges.  This knowledge has enhanced by relationships in both my personal and professional lives.  Understanding my Emotional Intelligence has given me  a new skill that has improved my daily life.

Tracey Marshall

CFP, CCS, EPC, CDFA, Security Financial Services

Thank you for an informative and engaging workshop on Emotional Intelligence. The material and the relaxed open discussion with the others in the group helped me to understand more fully how to use the tools to improve on areas that I may be weak in. As you said, the program gives you practical TIPS to facilitate change as opposed to slotting you into a certain model for life. That is certainly a more hopeful and motivating message for people who are looking to better themselves in one way or another.  All in all it was time well spent and I thank you again for the opportunity.

Audrey Theriault

ASR TELUS Business Solutions

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