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Energy is renewable! Mood and energy are directly linked. Energy naturally ebbs and flows throughout the day. Practices such as the One Minute Mood Shifters help you shift your energy and thus your mood, preventing large spikes or troughs in your energy levels.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The brain/body connec6on in mood management
  • Five easy breathing prac6ces to energize or calm – depending on your mood
  • How to maintain a greater sense of balance throughout your day.

Often we try to think ourselves out of our current mood – especially troublesome states like anxiety or depression. The result can be a negative spiral that further depletes our energy. These One Minute Mood Shifters engage your body and breath, stilling your mind for a moment resulting in a feeling of calm and more balanced energy. Simple, easy and do-able anytime or
anywhere. Add these One Minute Mood Shifters to your daily practive and you’ll feel the difference.

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Laurie Hunt

Laurie Hunt

More-In-Me Movement

Laurie Hunt is the founder of the More-in-Me Movement, an initiative she established because she wants to get people moving – literally – towards what they say they want in life, work and family. Laurie believes that every person has untapped internal resources and potential. When you sign up for a big goal or go after a dream that moves you out of your comfort zone, you discover that you do in fact have the wherewithal to make in the inconceivable real. You will find your ‘more-in-me.’

Referring to herself as a possibilitarian and system disrupter, Laurie raises clients’ awareness of their behaviours and actions to help them disrupt the patterns and habits that get in the way of taking that first step, nurturing the belief that anything really is possible.