This event will be taking place online


Date & Time

Starts November 12th 2020
9:00 AM – 10:30 AM  

2. December 10, 2020
3. January 14, 2021
4. February 11, 2021
5. March 11, 2021


Six Instalments
$20 Member
$25 Non member
One payment
$120 Member
$150 Non member

Have you ever;

  • Taken a problem and wrung every possible solution out of it?
  • Allowed your brilliance to shine in service to another?
  • Set aside the stress of needing to figure it all out on your own?

If your answer was no – then you are in for a treat. If your answer was yes – ready for some more?

The true art of masterminding has become difficult to find these days. The word has become synonymous with ‘group’. In its true form, a mastermind is what is created when people gather and put their minds to a single purpose. It feels like magic when everything just ‘clicks’.

This 90-minute session is expertly facilitated each month. It is designed for everyone to experience being at the centre of their own mini-mastermind. The surprise benefit is that everyone will find solutions for other challenges in their world too. Each mini-mastermind brings forth ideas that everyone can implement.

12 people max

Waiting list – at 6ppl a second group and expert facilitator will be added

It is proposed that the group will run for six months. You can pay in monthly instalments or one payment.

Please Note that you must

Meet Your Facilitator

Karen Kessler

Karen Kessler

Partner, Founder Next-Level Leader Centre for Learning & Excellence

Karen is hyper-focused on applying her expertise, passion, and humour to build result-driven skillsets for Leaders. Especially those Leaders committed to connect deeply and inspire life-long change in their tribe. Karen’s research and exploration into leadership, motivation, inspiration, and the human brain/body/soul connection have created an understanding of what she calls the Next-Level Leader. A leader that has expanded on their innate leadership talents and bring a focus on mastering the skillsets while they foster leadership in others.

Cancellation Policy: Refunds or credits will only be issued if the reservation is cancelled 72 hours prior to the event. An administration fee of $10 will be charged for any refund or credit processed.