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Michelle Sim

Michelle Sim

Michelle Sim Inspirational Speaker

Author – Keynote Speaker – Recording Artist – Bible Teacher

Michelle Sim is known for her authenticity, her sense of humour, and her dynamic stage presence. She has chosen to share her life-changing inspirational talks, centered around learning about God’s unconditional love, putting it into practice, and laughing every opportunity along the way.

The Undeniable Power of Unconditional Love

Everyone has something in their life that is able to bring out the worst in them. You know…basically, anything that has to do with other people! For me it was having my high functioning, alpha male, natural leader, extremely strong-willed younger son, who was eventually diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Paul was over 30 when diagnosed and a lot of damage was done to his identity by that time. In the midst of intense family and social challenges, the inability of doctors to be of any help, combined with my son’s non-compliance to take any meds that may lesson the effects of mental illness is what drove me to a place where I knew that only God’s unconditional Love could turn things around. What I learned I want to share with you. I keep these three words before me as a reminder: Learn…Love…Laugh. These valuable lessons can be used to enhance all areas of your life…basically, anything that has to do with other people!


Goals & Growth

Time Length

60 mins

Type of Presentation


Key Elements

LEARN what God’s unconditional Love is and isn’t.


LOVE yourself, others and God and everything will work out.


LAUGH at every opportunity you get. It’s very good for you!


Other Topics

  • Any Biblical Subject
  • Worship Music & The Church

Michelle Sim is extraordinary! No, I really mean it. Her life, ministry, Servant’s Heart and her ENERGY! Michelle will make you laugh, cry, feel good, and reveal glimpses of Jesus through her life and speaking abilities.

Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson Productions, Franklin, TN

Michelle is a dynamic speaker.  She’s funny, touching and authentic – all at the same time.  She’s quick to share her foibles and poke fun at herself and that’s what makes her so real.  But don’t kid yourself.  She has a message – an important one.  She knows first-hand the struggles in life, but her faith has bolstered her when she’s needed it and as a result, others have faith in her and what she offers to them.

Anne Day

Founder of Company of Women

“Would love more of Michelle – enjoyed her down to earth realism.”
“Michelle was down to earth and phenomenal.”
“Excellent dynamic speaker, loved her honesty.”
“Enjoyed Michelle’s humor and willingness to address some difficult issues.”
“I wanted to hear more and more of her.”
“Great speaking voice – had a powerful message.”
“Michelle was a great speaker to have. She was fun, loved to stop and talk to people and I understood what her message was.”

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