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Mentors are indispensable contributors to our growth and development. Being a mentor is indispensable to your leadership growth and development too.

Mentoring is the act of helping people learn. In addition to sharing your knowledge and experience, mentoring offers the opportunity to practice skills such as providing feedback, bridging difference in relationship, and developing your coaching skills including asking questions, offering perspectives and helping problem solve. You can also gain valuable feedback on your performance.

This webinar includes:

  • A definition of mentoring and what it means to be a mentor – what a mentor is (and isn’t).
  • The top five mentoring capacities for a positive productive mentoring partnership – mentoring partnership agreements, learning goals, powerful questions, listening with attention, reflection & feedback.
  • A list of questions to assess your readiness to be a mentor.
  • Ways to reach out and find the ‘right’ mentee for you.
Laurie Hunt

Laurie Hunt

More-In-Me Movement

For over 20 years Laurie has been working in the field of mentoring and leadership from all angles – as a corporate client, researcher, consultant and coach. She brings this breadth of experience to her work designing custom mentoring programs for business, education, community organizations and sports clubs. Laurie knows first hand the value of having a network of people to turn to for support. Throughout her corporate career, athletic pursuits, personal endeavours and in growing her business, Laurie has had mentors, coaches, friends and colleagues who have been instrumental in her learning and resulting accomplishments.