You just never know how your life is going to turn out, with all the different twists and turns that can occur.

Growing up in Birmingham in the UK, Narinda came to Canada when she was eleven. She had always wanted to be a hairdresser and was embarking on that career path, when she was involved in a bad car accident and damaged her arm, making her dream of being a hairdresser impossible.

Instead she went into retail, selling ladies fashions and with her bubbly personality, she enjoyed helping women look good. Then several years she sold real estate. But when her first marriage ended, she decided to move back to the UK and make a new start for herself there.

She moved to London and worked for a photographer, helping to manage the models for photo shoots which she found fascinating. When she remarried and had her daughter Kate, they started to explore coming back to Canada. By the time they arrived in Canada, she was pregnant again… with twins.

Tiny when they were born, just under four pounds each, she had her hands full. Narinda chuckled when she described giving them a bath in the hostpital – in ice cream tubs – they were that small, and one of them, Sarah, had some serious health problems, involving two surgeries.

When the twins started school she started with Fifth Avenue Jewellery as it gave her the flexibility to work around the girls. Fast forward fifteen years, and she is one of the top ten salespeople in the company, and #5 in Canada.

Currently she has a team of women who she trains and motivates but over the years she has trained many women, encouraging them to embrace the flexibility the company offers, especially to young mothers at home with children or the professional looking for a side shuffle. “For older women, it’s about getting out and being social.” And certainly when Narinda started that was her focus.

She wanted to find herself again and get out there after putting in “her time” raising her children. “Fifth Avenue offered me the opportunity to get my girls off to school in the morning and to be there when they came home.” she shares.

Just as the jewellery is always changing with the times, so is Narinda with her marketing strategies. A few years ago she started doing a Facebook live on a regular basis, sharing the latest products with her VIP group. “I was the first in Canada to start a VIP group and went across country to train others on how to do this. It was a profitable strategy as I increased my income by $11,000 in eight months.”

Narinda’s advice to someone thinking of getting into direct marketing sales is to find a product that you are passionate about as it is much easier to sell when you like the product. She also cautioned that you need to find out how out the commission structure works before getting involved, she added. “You need to ask yourself if it is going to be worth your time.”

And time is what is really precious to Narinda. “I love the flexibility that I have – I can choose my hours and if I want to take some time off, I can.”

Narinda is the newest member of the Company of Women team and will be launching our Brantford Chapter this fall. So I for one am glad she has a flexible schedule!