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Kathryn Wilking

Kathryn Wilking

Kathryn Wilking Feng Shui Designs

Kathryn Wilking is an Author, Home Stager and a Feng Shui Consultant. She delivers ‘Practical Solutions for Stress-free Living’.  Her experience with space planning, décor and personal energy excels in setting one up for success. Services include Site Visits, Skype Consultations, Floorplan Analysis and Personal Profiling. Full programs include the ONE-ROOM Office Rescue tm, and SAVVY Energy Series. Kathryn has a gentle way of manipulating energy to help find balance and flow in each situation. You can trust her with your concerns. As an active Professional Member of the International Feng Shui Guild, Kathryn is available for private consultations, talks and workshops. Check out her book ‘Practical Feng Shui for the Office’ and connect with her through www.kathrynwilking.com

Changing Your Path with Feng Shui

Changing Your Path with Feng Shui takes a close look at choosing a starting point, recognizing opportunities, and perhaps even, changing your luck.

Our starting point in life where we actually ‘landed’ on the planet cannot be changed; but, everything else is a series of choices that can be manipulated in our favor.

Kathryn reveals the three ways we can cultivate our own luck, and how this can apply to each individual business.

This presentation can be in a formal Power Point webinar, or a casual heart-to-heart intimate talk about writing the next chapter of your life.


Goals & Growth

Time Length

30 minutes

Type of Presentation


Key Elements

Significance of a new starting point: things you can control and things you can’t.


Three ways that we can cultivate our own luck, and how this can apply to individual business.


Reframing the next chapter in life and take action.


Other Topics

  • What is Your Management Style? Taken from the SAVVY Manager Series: Using Personality Profiling to find partners, delegate tasks and hiring the right people; choosing the right language/script for your idea client.
  • Home Staging with Feng Shui: Staging your home to sell at top dollar fast!

Thank you Kathryn for the lively webinar you provided to wrap up our annual Style-print Design Conference. I’m happy you could work the technology from your side. We’ll have to do a follow up.

Karen Powell

Kathryn has the gift of making her show guests feel welcomed and comfortable. I know she truly cares about offering value to her listeners and was honoured to be one of her guests talking about the importance of proper business branding. Her experience in the field of Feng Shui transcends into her show where everyone benefits from the important topics she covers all in an easy and entertaining format.

Susan Friesen

BBAeVision Media

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