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Karen Kessler

Karen Kessler

ChooseRESULTS Inc.

With over 3500 hours of stage time, you can rely on me to deliver the magic to your audience every time.

My research and exploration into leadership, motivation, inspiration and the human brain/body/soul connection have created an understanding of what I call the Next-Level Leader – a leader who has expanded on their natural leadership talent and brings a focus on mastering the skillsets while they foster leadership in others.

I am known for my leadership, integrity, and focus on results. My reputation grew as I progressed rapidly through leadership positions in corporate, government, not for profit, and my growing Geeky NLP and Next-Level Leader Communities.

5 Ways Next Level Leaders Stand Out as Confident and Competent Leaders

Ever wonder what your leadership ceiling is made of? Why the imposter syndrome is so prevalent? Or How some leaders continue to grow while others are too exhausted and overwhelmed? There are Five Beliefs that, once flipped 180º, open access to expanded skillsets, perspectives, and attitudes. With every belief that flips, Next-Level Leaders grow in confidence as they trust in their growing competence. Heck, Leadership becomes fun! Let’s explore.


Personal Development: Leadership
Business Development: Goals & Growth

Time Length

45 mins- 1 hour

Type of Presentation


Key Elements

Next-Level Leaders are defined by their progress on 5 Spectrums:

  • Active Growth
  • Inter-dependence
  • Personal Management
  • Grounded Alignment
  • Influence

Transforming limiting beliefs into foundational truths dissolves the ceiling holding leaders back.


Skills development is limited until perspectives open to allow for the possibilities.


Other Topics

  • 3 Mistakes, Even Experienced Speakers Make, That Break Trust and Cost Them Sales/Leads/Donations
  • You Are Speaking My Language! The Secret Patterns of Communication That Will Keep Your Whole Audience Listening to the End
  • CORA: Heart-Centred Enrolment Conversation Training: 3-day training guaranteed to take the ‘ick’ out of sales

Karen did a fantastic job speaking with my Joyous Journey tribe. Her message was incredibly on point and resonated with my audience that really backed up what they are learning and going through. She handled everyone’s questions with such poise and grace and everyone felt heard and understood. The nuggets of wisdom that gleamed through in just an hour were phenomenal! Karen is a clear, encouraging and wise teacher. Her approach is authentic, real and refreshing. Thank you, Karen, for showing up with your awesomeness and sharing with our group!! We loved it!!

Jennifer Trask

Founder & Creator, The Joyous Journey

One of the benefits of being a member of the Midland and District Business Women Association is having the privilege of learning from guest speakers. Karen was one of those great speakers. She was informative, fun and she gave us an important tool for our toolbox of life. Karen was a pleasure to listen to and learn from. She was clear in her delivery, explaining in a language we could all understand. I would love to hear Karen speak to our group again.

Shirley Cowdrey

Owner, Shirley's Boutique

Karen Kessler is a consummate professional. She provided a choice of topics for my event, and her bio and photo were professionally presented, well in advance of her speaking date. Karen captivates her audience and is an engaging speaker, getting the audience involved from the moment she begins her presentation. She offers the perfect blend of authoritative teaching style with approachability and humour. She left our audience wanting more!

I highly recommend Karen and will certainly consider her for future speaking engagements. Thanks again for such a great presentation at SBC!!

Patti Smith

Founder & CEO, SBC

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