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Hadriana Leo

Hadriana Leo

Money Navigator

Hadriana Leo is an optimizer! She is deliberate to refer to her work as a Money Navigator™ because she is able to identify several routes to your preferred financial outcomes and help you choose the best one based on how you interact and relate to money. She is also very intentional as a Navigator, to lay out the route, reroute if needed, but she never completely takes the wheel! You always remain in control of your financial journey, which is how it should be!

Hadriana has many years of experience as a licensed professional in the financial services sector and has her Certified Cash Flow Specialist (CCS) training. This enables her clients the opportunity to conquer the debt, doubt, and drama that is keeping them from realizing their money-funded dreams. Her fee for service model focuses on educating and empowering clients of all ages and stages, combining math and mindset to maximize client success.

“I guide top-earning professionals in using their money to create the life of their dreams TODAY!”

As a Certified Cash Flow Specialist Hadriana applies proven Behavioural Cash Flow Planning™ principles for daily living. Her impartial, professionally trained eyes see what clients tend to miss. In addition, Hadriana applies tested formulas to help make cash flow planning painless and flexible. Professional individuals, couples, young adults and passionate entrepreneurs make up the clients that Hadriana serves best. She keeps a finger on the pulse of the ever-changing financial services sector to offer relevant and responsive solutions.

At the core of what Hadriana does is the heart of a teacher and nurturer. Her gentle, judgment-free yet no-nonsense approach has proven to be very effective, getting real results without creating anxiety or dependency.

Consider this… a chat with Hadriana is always worth the conversation!

Purposeful Plenty™

Purposeful Plenty is the life-altering shift that will revolutionize your experience as you relate to life and money.

Regardless of your current financial status, if money is not doing what you want it to do in your life, then this keynote presentation is for you. It’s not a conversation about how much money, instead it’s about working with money. It will provide you with the missing ingredient in your creation of an extraordinary life and get you well on your way to Purposeful Plenty™


Health & Wellness / Sales

Time Length

45 minutes

Type of Presentation


Key Elements

Understanding the role of emotions in our financial decision making.


Acknowledging that as women we should celebrate our different viewpoints on money.


Exploring the benefits of connecting your purpose to your money – both in how you earn it and how you spend it.


Providing some key tools to assist in maintaining alignment between your purpose and your money.


Other Topics

  • Success Defined: There is Success Beyond the Balance Sheet
    An interactive conversation that will help new and growing entrepreneurs define their unique success criteria so they can recognize it when it happens and celebrate their victories.
  • Financial State of the Union – For Richer or Richer!
    Couples will ditch the blame game and take the hurt out of your money conversation. By the end of this presentation, you will use money, not as a wedge to divide, but as a glue that binds!

Hadriana is wise, eloquent and engaging as a speaker. She has a way of keeping her audience on the edge of their chair, listening intently, she has them laughing to add some lightness, and hits a home run with great education about money and how they relate to it. Hadriana’s talk was one of the most complimented by our members in the past 2 years. What I love most about her though is her heart and her integrity.

Lynn Pelzer


I have both been a client of Hadriana’s, but fi rst enrolled her as a Speaker. Not only is Hadriana eloquent in her knowledge, but she also is an engaging presenter. Presenting the information and discussion points in a way that is engaging, highly interactive and thought-provoking. I can highly recommend Hadriana as a speaker for your company.”

Ella Bates

Hadriana is one of the most engaging speakers we’ve had the pleasure of hearing at Heart of Networking Events!
Knowing your ‘stuff’ is one thing…and she does! Delivering your ‘stuff’ in a memorable way is paramount…and she does!! Money matters may not be the easiest topic to hold people’s attention but Hadriana definitely has that ability!! I highly recommend Hadriana to anyone looking for a speaker who embodies the complete package of information, humour, confidence and ease!”

Marlene Marco

Heart of Networking

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