At first I felt like a “winter wimp” when I cancelled all my meetings because of the freezing rain but as the day evolved, I realized I’d made the right decision and second, I was not alone.  It seemed like everything in southern Ontario was cancelled and closed.

It felt like a bonus. What to do with this newly found time? I actually did some reading, and research for a project I am working on and even scoped out how we could deliver it.

Sounds great doesn’t it?  Well, yes and no.  You see with time on my hands to dig deep, I also started to dream big and when it came time to chat with my co-conspirators out west, I had us going off in a different direction to our initial plans.  We were going to save the world! Easy peasy.

Fortunately sanity prevailed and by the end of our conference call, we were back on track, more focused and ready to move forward.

But it does go to show you that when you have time to think, reflect and design, you can get really creative.  I am good at that, but at some point reality has to set in…little things, like how are we going to pay for this?

That’s why it is good to partner with others who bring different expertise to the table and who don’t immediately shoot down your ideas but listen with patience and humour as you play out your scenario and in talking, realize for yourself that it’s not feasible right now.

While I may have been grounded, it was my “partners in crime” who truly grounded me. When you have a well-rounded team and there is mutual respect, magic happens.

My big idea isn’t totally lost, it’s just premature.   Baby steps.  And we did come up with a name for our project – Creativity. Collaboration. Community.   What do think?

Stay tuned.

Anne Day

Anne Day

Company of Women

I have had an eclectic career from running non-profit organizations and being editor of a national magazine, to working for government on women’s issues. In 2003 I launched Company of Women, an organization that supports women in business. A prolific blogger, I also write for the Huffington Post, and several other online publications. I am the author of five books on women and entrepreneurship, and co-author of Good Enough. Embrace who you are. Unleash your brilliance. which is available on In June, 2016 I launched Full Circle Publishing offering one-stop services to get your words out into the world.