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Glenda van Koot

Glenda van Koot

Pathways to Serenity with Glenda

The sole purpose of my business is to help people find a path to more peace of mind. Everything that I offer and teach is a tool to help people feel a greater sense of well-being and to better cope with the stress in their life.

I know what it’s like to feel lost and struggling, to keep on trying to plug away at whatever needs to be done – ignoring and burying how you really feel inside.

Meditation is what lead me back to me. It’s why I decided to become a meditation teacher – to share with others who feel the way I did – or to prevent them from getting to that state!

If your company, group or organization would like to host a workshop or have me speak about the benefits of meditation, mindfulness and simple tools for stress-reduction, please reach out to discuss your needs. I build and time my presentations and workshops based on the needs of the group.

I want to help your audience find their path to serenity. Workshops can be done in person or on-line.

Advanced davidji Certified Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Teacher
Flowing Zen Qigong Instructor
Reiki Master
On-going studies in Empowerment Coaching with SWAT Institute
BA, University of Waterloo

Simple Stress-Busting Techniques & Tools to Empower You and Get You Through The Day

Stress impacts everything in our lives from our relationships, to our body, to our interactions with others.  A build up of stress inhibits our natural flow of energy which in turn impacts the clarity and efficiency of our minds.

In this session you will learn easy meditation and stress-busting techniques and strategies that you can utilize in less than a minute to calm both your mind and your body when in stressful situations.


Health & Wellness
Goals & Growth

Time Length

60 minutes

Type of Presentation


Key Elements

The best technique for on-the-spot stress-busting


Reaching for SODA – how to deactivate your conditioned stress response


The Three Gates – a simple way to communicate more consciously and less reactively


Qigong for stress reduction – dependant on space


Other Topics

  • Meditation 101 – an exploration of several types of meditation, tips and techniques to help you ‘taste-test’ what will work best for You.

When I met Glenda she said ‘30 minutes of meditation will change how you deal with the next 23 ½ hours of your day.’ This sold me, and I have not looked back. It is true, during my 23 ½ hours a day I am not as reactive and am living more in the present than ever. Glenda is a wonderful teacher and facilitator. I have tried to meditate many times over the years, and 1 ½ years later it has finally become a daily ritual. Thank you Glenda

Ruth P.

Your meditation sessions were able to bring me to a better place in my life after losing my husband. You brought me peace for which I am truly grateful. I continue to meditate as often as I can. Thanks Glenda.

Karen W.

I had the pleasure of meeting Glenda at a wellness retreat for ECEs in the spring of this year at Pinestone resort in Haliburton Ontario. I attended her workshop on meditation and found her to be very well informed and interesting. She is an excellent public speaker and went out of her way to connect with the attendees. I found it lovely that she rearranged all of the furniture in order for the attendees to be able to have a very nice view of outside greenery. My favourite part of her seminar was the chocolate meditation. I was so impressed by the workshop that she facilitated that I researched her website and have since become one of her meditation and Qigong students. Glenda has a way of making her students feel very welcome and comfortable in her classes and in the meditation and Qigong community.

Suzanne V.

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