Did you know what career you wanted to pursue when you were in Grade 7? Likely not, but Mitzy Dadoun did.

It was a career talk from someone who was a property appraiser who piqued Mitzy’s interest. So much so, that she approached him about being his apprentice. He agreed and in grades 7 and 8, she learned more about this career.

It should therefore come as no surprise that on leaving high school, she took Urban Affairs and Real Estate at Fanshawe College. At age 20, she went on to become the youngest member in Canada of the Institute of Municipal Assessors and became a Certified Residential Appraiser.

However on graduation the government had put a freeze on hiring and no jobs were available within municipal government, so Mitzy ended up working at a bank in the mortgage department. She would work on reviewing mortgages and power sales.

She tells the story of her inauguration into the world of power sales when she got shot at! It was a hobby farm in Windsor and she had gone with the Sheriff to change the locks when as they were walking back to the car, shots were fired at them. Lying face down in mud, she found herself thinking she didn’t get paid enough! No one had warned her about the dangers.

From Windsor she moved to Tillsonburg and then to Toronto, each time working on mortgages and moving up the ranks. While she had always wanted to get into real estate, she chose first to sell insurance. Both her father and her brother-in-law were in the insurance business and so it seemed a good fit at the time. She still has her insurance licence and focuses on critical illness protection and group benefits.

In 2013 she made the leap and got her real estate licence, and particularly enjoys working with seniors. “I love helping them through their transition to a smaller home or retirement residence.”

It can take longer, but Mitzy recognizes that this is an emotional move, and her senior clients need more hand-holding and time to reconcile to the move.   “Often, she shares, something is triggering the move and they may have lived in their home for over thirty years. There are so many memories.”

Mitzy often acts as the conduit linking her clients to other services – like constructers, lawyers, downsizers, etc.   Armed with her different senior accreditations, she now teaches the Accredited Senior Agent course for the Toronto Real Estate Board.

Both her father and grandfather role modelled for her the importance of giving back and Mitzy has aligned herself with several charities, such as Evergreen Hospice, Prevention of Elder Abuse in York Region and the Prevention of HumanTrafficking in York Region.

While Mitzy mainly practices real estate in Markham, Richmond Hill, Aurora and Newmarket, www.SmartSeniorsRealty.ca she has got involved with a national project – www.seniorcareaccess.com through which people can find resources that serve seniors.

Mitzy recommends that new real estate agents work to find their niche. Clearly Mitzy has done just that and for seniors in the Richmond Hill area, this is “a good thing.”