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What participants will learn:

  • 4 clues that your website is underperforming
  • Content changes that will make your website rank higher
  • Design elements that are harming your website performance
  • How to spot opportunities you are missing on your website
  • How to evaluate your website against your competitors and then rise above them
Nkiru Asika

Nkiru Asika


Nkiru is a copywriter, content marketer and content strategist, focusing on lead generation and thought-leadership content. She especially enjoys working with B2B service providers, consulting firms and coaches.

Nkiru has the rare ability to write persuasive, editorial and promotional copy, making her a formidable asset to any marketing team. She can craft copy for landing pages, email autoresponders and sales pages, and she also writes long-form content such as white papers, eBooks, case studies, webinar scripts and other lead magnets. Nkiru is also a go-to resource for marketing collateral such as brochures, enewsletters and proposals.

Nkiru’s professional experience spans journalism, TV production (from reality shows to historical documentaries!), soft skills training, strategic comms and creative enterprise development. As a journalist with Smart Money Magazine in New York City, she won a National Press Club of America award for an article on long-term care planning. Her writing has appeared in more than 20 global publications including The Wall Street Journal.