Like attracts like is the underlying premise of Lynn Grabhorn’s book Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting.

When we’re feeling up, she claims, our emotions send out high vibrations that magnetize only good stuff back to us; and conversely when we’re feeling low, our emotions send out the opposite message. But she takes it one step further from the power of positive thinking and points out that the way we feel, is the way we attract. “Focus on what we want, and it will come if we don’t sabotage it. Focus on what we don’t want, and it comes too!”

She recommends four steps to get the life you want.

1. Identify what you don’t want

2. From that, identify what you DO want

3. Get into the feeling place of what you want

4. Expect, listen, and allow it to happen

The nitty gritty she says is learning to identify a good feeling from a bad feeling. Negative feelings come from thoughts of “don’t have”, “can’t have” or “never will have”. So put glum feelings out, she argues, you are going to get glum circumstances back.

Even when we want something, if we operate from a place of lack, because you don’t have it, then it is negative. How do you change? Grabhorn acknowledges it’s not easy to unglue ourselves from the habit of an ongoing problem. Her advice, “you don’t have to change it, you just have to stop focusing on it.”

She reminds us that needing something to change will always flow negative energy and hold it to you. Finding a way to become excited about what will be changing, will flow positive energy and change the outcome for you.

There are three basic ways to start feeling good, she offers. One is to look for, think about, anything that gives you pleasure. The second is to talk to yourself until you bring about a change of vibration and the third is called “buzzing” which gives you an immediate change in vibration.

Buzzing, she explains is so easy because there is a jump-start to get you going and it doesn’t even cost you money. What’s the jump-start? A smile. Not a phony grin, she cautions, but a loving, tender smile, one that originates from the inside.

Her last point is that when we send out the right energy, the universe unfolds as it should.

Grabhorn reveals why our feelings make our lives what they are – not positive thinking, or sweat and strain, or good or bad luck. She offers a different perspective, one that physicians, scientists, and theologians are coming to believe is very real.

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