One look at my desk and you would be justified in thinking I was totally disorganized. Now you do know that they say that a messy desk is the sign of a brilliant mind. Well that’s what I like to think anyway.

However, enough is enough. I know I need to do a sort, clean up and out. Trouble is that I have been so busy at meetings and focused on getting my speakers booked for the year, that I’ve kind of neglected the paperwork which is spread across my desk.

I am usually pretty good at managing the paper and keeping on top of the ever-increasing emails in my inbox. I think the trouble right now is I am on a count-down.   I am counting down the time until I go away and switch off, so there is a sense of urgency to get all this work done before I leave.

This may, in fact, not be a realistic goal and as I know from the past, I may well have to lower my expectations of myself. Trouble is I am not the only one going away which does increase my desire to get hold of everyone now, because come July and August it can be hit or miss in terms of reaching people.

In our book Good Enough, we write about people like me who self-impose unrealistic expectations on themselves and then are self-critical and feel they have failed, when the goals are not achieved.   Maybe it is time to read the book again and take my own advice.

For now, I am taking a pause and starting to wade through the paper piling up, because I know deep down, I will feel much more in control when I can actually find what I need.

Anyone else feel like this or am I the only one in the deep end treading water?

Anne Day

Anne Day

Company of Women

I have had an eclectic career from running non-profit organizations and being editor of a national magazine, to working for government on women’s issues. In 2003 I launched Company of Women, an organization that supports women in business. A prolific blogger, I also write for the Huffington Post, and several other online publications. I am the author of five books on women and entrepreneurship, and co-author of Good Enough. Embrace who you are. Unleash your brilliance. which is available on In June, 2016 I launched Full Circle Publishing offering one-stop services to get your words out into the world.