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Date & Time

October 02, 2019
6:30 PM – 8:30 PM 


$25 members
$30 non members
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This program will provide an introduction to the Enneagram system of personality and ego formation.  It is a dynamic, detailed, intricate and accurate road map of personality and human ego development.  The two main things I have heard consistently from people that study and use the Enneagram are, “I wish I had learned about this when I was younger – or while I was married’ and “it cuts through years of trying to dig for gold in therapy”.  Find out how the Enneagram can help you to understand your strengths and your challenges.

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Natalia Brajak

Natalia Brajak

Studio Shibui

Natalia Brajak is the owner and founder of Studio Shibui. She has served people in the wellness sector since 1999.

As co-founder of Moksha Yoga (now Modo Yoga) in 2003, she ran yoga studios in Toronto and Oakville for more than 10 years. She has diverse trainings in yoga and movement practices including Thai massage and level 3 ELDOA. Natalia’s trainings and experience include Transpersonal and Spiritual psychotherapy, non-violent communication, Spiritual direction, Enneagram teacher training, Buddhist meditation, Shamanic medicine teachings and Unity Consciousness Bubble facilitation. Natalia teaches ELDOA at the studio, and is currently in private practice. Learn more about her offerings at nataliabrajak.com.


Cancellation Policy: Refunds or credits will only be issued if the reservation is cancelled 72 hours prior to the event. An administration fee of $10 will be charged for any refund or credit processed.

Guelph-Wellington Business Centre