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4 Windward Dr
Grimsby, ON L3M 4E8  
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Date & Time

January 08, 2020
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM  


$15 members
$25 non members
cancellation policy

How often have we heard the saying ‘success is being at the right place at the right time?‘ What if the right place is HOME? And what if the right time is NOW?

With the arrival of 2020, the year of the Rat is considered a New Beginning in Chinese Calendar . What does this mean for you?

How can we harness this vibration to shape success? What treasures are available to you as the seasons unfold? What do you really desire? Gee invites you to an inspiring interactive feast through storytelling introducing Feng Shui – an ancient system of creating harmony & abundance. Deeply embedded in Taoism, this art form serves to recover the intimate relationship we share with the Earth, Nature and our Inner wisdom, Shakti. By shaping our environment we transform our health, wealth streams and relationships. Come along to discover a unique set of pragmatics based on the ancient wisdom of Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology in goal planning for 2020.

Cost covers speaker and networking.
You get to select and pay for your own dinner. Cash bar.

Please Note that you must
pre-register for this event.

Gee KaiYi

Gee KaiYi is a Feng Shui Consultant & Chinese Astrologer, CHUE UK Research Coordinator.

London based Gee has been in the healthcare profession for 25years, currently a Senior Consultant for a Global Market Access company, her passion is advocating health, how to create it and maintain it. As a qualified nutritionist, naturopath, yoga teacher and shiatsu therapist, she runs a successful holistic stress management lifestyle clinic at Harley Street.

Curious to understand how the environment shapes health & wellbeing, she is trained in Traditional Chue Feng Shui with Master Kajal and furthered her studies with Grand Master Chan Kun Wah, one of the five top Yuen Hom Feng Shui Masters in the world. She has travelled, researched and applied the practice of this ancient wisdom to cultivate harmonious environments and has transformed her own life and those of friends & clients across the globe over the last decade. More than a pseudoscience, Gee shares inspiring stories on how to manifest abundance in a timely way.

Gee is responsible for organising research projects across the UK for the CHUE UK Foundation. Contact Gee for friendly no obligation advice on how a Feng Shui can serve you.


Cancellation Policy: Refunds or credits will only be issued if the reservation is cancelled 72 hours prior to the event. An administration fee of $10 will be charged for any refund or credit processed.

Casablanca Winery Inn