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Lost in translation

Have you noticed that certain industries have their own jargon, which they use but do not appreciate that we haven’t a clue what they are talking about?

Money matters

Ever heard of the expression – “the pot calling the kettle black?” It means accusing someone of something you are guilty of yourself.

Introducing two resiliency role models

Since the conference, there’s been a real buzz and conversation about resilience. As several of our speakers talked about how they’d had to be resilient in terms of what has happened in their lives, it struck me that it’s not a competition as to who has had it worst.

Resiliency is an inside job

Soulful. That was one of the words used to describe this year’s conference. With its theme of resiliency, much of the time was spent hearing from speakers about how resiliency had helped them get through some troubled, tough times.