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At first I felt like a “winter wimp” when I cancelled all my meetings because of the freezing rain but as the day evolved, I realized I’d made the right decision and second, I was not alone.

Pitch pointers

I was serving as a judge at a pitch contest last night. Most of the “pitchers” were in their early twenties.

Burning Bright

Has it been cold enough for you? I confess I almost hibernate when it is like this. Staying indoors, warm and cosy with steaming cups of soup and coffee.

What is your why?

It is an important question to ask yourself. At my Rotary meeting this week, two of the members presented information from Simon Sinek’s book, Start with Why and it started me thinking.

What are your assets?

Years ago I worked on a research project that looked at what’s effective in parenting and teaching children so they feel good about themselves.

In her corner

Over the holidays I was relishing the thought of diving into Michelle Obama’s new book Becoming.