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Meeting of the minds

Several months ago I wrote about how eight different women’s organizations were coming together to plan a joint event for International Women’s Day in Burlington.

Oh Christmas tree… oh Christmas tree

When I look at our lovingly decorated tree this year, I realize that the decorations convey memories of our lives together.

Anxious to get a tall tree, we went early to buy one. At the nursery where we go, they actually name their trees. How cute. So with great care, we brought home Freddie – an 11ft tree.

My word for 2020

Every year in December I pick three words to live my life by for the coming year.

Ten lessons from 2019

As we enter December, I am reflecting on what I have learned this year and as I look at my list, I realize…

Reaching out

I came across a cute animation this week of a little sad hedgehog who was struggling to make friends. His spines were getting in his way and no one wanted to get close.