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Camille Lawson

Camille Lawson

Embracing Hormones

  • Camille is an entrepreneur in the health & wellness space.  A Registered Nurse and a Hormone, Sexuality and Nutrition Advisor with over 30 years experiences as a healthcare professional
  • She is very knowledgeable about nutrition, sexuality/relationships PLUS hormones.  Knows how to help people transform their health and feel/look great
  • She teaches online health/hormone classes and recently has developed a unique program called the 30 Day Hormone Reset designed to use specific nutritional products along with her hormones tips giving women amazing sustainable results, including to bust stress !
  • Camille has partnered with a nutrition direct sales company for 12 years and is a 6 figure income earner by helping 1000’s of people get super healthy.  She is also is a speaker, author and counselor in private practice.
  • She is the proud Mom of 3 young adults and spends her free time on the golf course and plays a LOT of tennis

Bust Stress and Learn to Rule your Hormones:  Find out how to use specific nutrition, supplements and Camille’s Tips to live your happiest life as a woman

As women in business we are often juggling numerous roles:  lady boss, entrepreneur, wife, lover, Mom, grandmother, sister, caregiver, chief organizer and many more.   Do you think we are stressed and often exhausted?  Close to burnt out, yet knowing we simply cannot afford to go down that road?  Cortisol, our stress hormone, is considered to be a “foundation” hormone, meaning when it is out of balance (and IT IS!), it affects ALL our other hormones!   Is there help?  Can you be empowered to be your own best health advocate and end up happier and healthier?  Find out how to embrace your hormones armed with knowledge and tips that work.  Camille is known as an engaging, informative and fun speaker who delivers results.


Health & Wellness
Goals & Growth

Time Length

60 minutes

Type of Presentation


Key Elements

Hormones 101:  how they work together and what happens when out of balance.  Knowledge is the first step (you will know more than many family doctors after this overview)   How to get the tests you may want and need


Focus on Cortisol, our foundation Stress hormone, and the unique challenges many women face getting it balanced


Stress busting tips that work, including some nutritional tips that deliver results


A bit on sexuality, relationships and intimacy in relation to stress, our hormones and our happiness


Other Topics

  • Passionate Relationships 101   How to get it back or find it in the first place..and why would you bother?
  • The 6 Human Needs and how tapping into yours can improve business AND relationship success & happiness

Thanks very much, Camille for a fantastic evening and for all of this useful information, lest we already forgot LOL. Think I’d better add magnesium L-Threonate to my shopping list!!   Your tips on health, hormones, sexuality were all so useful, doable and what a fun way you deliver!

Nancy B

June 2019

You did a super presentation and wisely made all that information manageable!   I feel I know what I can do now to help myself feel great.
Thank you!!!

Eve H

February 2019

Good class esp. in relation to relationships & tools to have the best relationships while dealing with hormone issues.
Enjoyed this talk but found the room quite cold.  Very informative excellent presenter. Lots of informative information provided.  Educational & informative.  Very informative liked the presenter.  Excellent, would like the info emailed please.
Very informative loved the speaker great slide show. Not enough time, wanted to learn more about solutions. Informative. Interesting session appreciated the giveaways, would like notes. Very informative, thanks for making sense of my mood swings and giving direction on how to cope with it! Great presentation and great tips. Thank you for your participation, I loved what you had to share with the ladies.

Natalie B

Old Mill Ladies Weekend Co-ordinator 2017

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