Growing up in Toronto, Kym went off to Queen’s University to study arts and science. She was torn between a career in communications and one as a medical illustrator. Realizing her opportunities were more limited as a medical illustrator, she embarked on a communications career with Global TV.

Ironically, as you will learn, her life now revolves around video communications and active living. So her early inclinations have come into fruition. Life has gone full circle. Evidence perhaps that we should pay attention to our first interests.

When with Global, she worked her way up the ranks from Assistant to Executive Producer, to on-air as a kids’ show host and did celebrity interviews for entertainment spots. She worked in broadcast for ten years until she had her two children.

“I knew it would be challenging to juggle the deadlines of working in TV, all while raising the boys.” shares Kym. Her profession wasn’t, at that time, a career that could be done part time, and with a husband who travelled extensively, Kym chose instead to become an entrepreneur.

She earned her credentials as a certified personal trainer and a fascial stretch therapist. Then when her boys were older, she embarked on a new career, marrying her expertise as a fitness professional with her background in broadcast.

Aware of the growing concern about obesity in children and their lack of exercise, Kym partnered up with another trainer and former TV staffer, and together they created “LifeSports,” designing programs aimed at children in Grades 4-12.

Their goal was to turn working out and fitness into play, wanting to encourage those less inclined to not only participate, but have fun. Several schools contracted them to deliver their programs. “Much depended on the principals, their budgets and their willingness to invest in this type of programming,” observes Kym.

As time evolved, so did their business. Always open to new opportunities, they started to deliver workshops and consult, with the focus shifting more to video.
LifeSports is now a boutique video production company that promotes active living.
Working for clients such as the YMCA or Kids & Company, they bring health and wellness to life through inspiring brand and people profiles

For example, for Kids & Company they developed a fitness program for toddlers as it was recognized that these youngsters were not “toddling,” but more sitting in front of screens. “Munch Kinetics” became a big hit and it was found to be differentiator for parents in choosing child care.

They’ve interviewed people who have taken charge of their health and shared how that has impacted their everyday lives. “Their stories are so moving.” remarks Kym. ”Good video storytelling is crucial to business today, as it’s at the core of almost everything on social media.”

An active person herself, Kym does weight training, Pilates and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and is always game for a new fitness venture. She sees a strong correlation to fitness and building your business as being active helps build your mindset. “It cultivates your mental strength. Nothing is out of reach.”

Her advice for new entrepreneurs, be prepared to work really hard and stay the path. “The day you plant the seed is not the day you get the fruit.” Be kind, consistent, unrelenting and perceptive. All skill sets Kym demonstrates on a daily basis, as she captures people’s stories and shares them with the world.