Life has gone full circle for Glenda.  Born in Peterborough, she has returned to the area and now lives and works in Bobcaygeon.

Living in the country, near water and nature, has brought serenity to Glenda, in more ways than one.  She loves her lifestyle now and the business she has created – Pathways to Serenity with Glenda through which she teaches meditation, qigong, reiki and how to live a calmer more serene life.

But it wasn’t always that way.

When Glenda left high school, she was enrolled at York University to become a special education teacher.  However, she wasn’t able to finish her degree and had to leave due to family circumstances.  Through part time studies, she was able to achieve her BA, graduating in 2014.

In the meantime, Glenda had taken an interior decorating program and bought into a Decorating Den franchise, which she had for two and a half years before she sold it after learning that their daughter had developmental challenges, and she wanted to focus her energies on helping her.

But once her daughter reached 18, it was easier for Glenda to pursue something else and they bought a SGO Designer Glass franchise.  “It was supposed to be our retirement plan, so that Bill could leave his corporate job and come into the business.” They’d done their due diligence and the company had been around for 35 years.

Little did they know that the franchise they’d bought would become a money-guzzling albatross. Four months after their purchase the Franchisor was sold to the President and was no longer part of the large Franchise company they’d investigated.  Initially they did well, and Glenda’s son Josh joined the business. “We won design awards and a values award for leadership from the company.”  They’d moved to larger premises in anticipation of their growth.

And then the recession hit.  Head office was based in California and the whole organization went under.

At the time Glenda had asked around about when and how do you know if it’s time to quit.  But the common rhetoric was that you don’t. You don’t give up and you carry on. In hindsight, Glenda wishes she’d listened to her gut.  “No one talks about when things go bad.” she observes. “It’s all hidden behind closed doors.”

With the move to Bobcaygeon Glenda started to heal and part of her healing regime was to meditate and that is when she recognized the power of meditation.  Always wanting to help others, she took the Certified Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher training with davidji and now offers classes, workshops and retreats to others who want to find that calmness in life. “For a long time I let what happened at SGO define me.  But now I have learned to let it go.”

Since 2006 she and Bill have fostered future dog guide puppies for Dog Guides of Canada.  “We have fostered ten dogs to date. “Yes, it is hard to let them go, but you know that they are going to change lives.”   She and Bill go to the graduation and meet the people who will be benefiting from having a service dog, “and that, adds Glenda, “makes it all worthwhile.”

So yes, life has gone full circle, but this time Glenda is in a better place and is helping others find the serenity they need to move on.