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Technology has changed our lives and just when we think we have mastered it, something new comes along and we need to relearn. Similarly, at work, our jobs are constantly evolving and if we don’t keep up we will fail to stay relevant and grow.

In addition, there has also been much business disruption. How we interact, shop, and learn has changed and it is reflective in our workplaces whether we work for ourselves or work for an organization.

As individuals, we will need to be constantly learning to be productive. Our need to develop new skills and to be able to cut through all the information available to us is critical. No one has taught us how to learn, yet, learning will become one of the most important skills we can have.  This webinar will talk about how we can become a better learner.

Sandra Currie-Samson

Sandra Currie-Samson

Over the years, Sandra’s own learning has been a source of inspiration and transformation. She is dedicated to creating that experience for others.

In her career as a learning and development consultant with an M.Ed. in Studies of Lifelong Learning, she has designed and facilitated training sessions for a wide variety of participants

and industries. Some of her favourite topics to teach are powerful presentations skills, train-the-trainer, and smarter thinking. She possesses in-depth knowledge of adult education and leverages this knowledge to provide learning opportunities that are engaging, relevant and meaningful. Sandra is also an instructor in the Certificate of Adult Education program at the College of Continuing Education, Dalhousie University.

Sandra’s excitement for learning and teaching infectiously allows her to be an energetic and an enthusiastic educator, trainer and facilitator – and loves to help others be the same!