it’s going to happen. This was the advice from Kim MacGregor at our breakfast meeting this week.  And she should know, because that’s what she’s always done, no matter what the project, and it has worked for her.

For example, after her first daughter was born with Cystic Fibrosis, she was determined to raise money for the CF Foundation. She wrote a book and decided that Celine Dion, was going to endorse it.  And she did.

It is all about manifesting what you want she advised. She would make a vision board and have it on her desk so she looked at it every day. This visual reminder would propel her forward and she’d take steps to realize her dream.

For example, when she was starting out as a children’s book author, she told her husband to introduce her to guests at his office party as an author. Puzzled, he’d say but you are not. “ But I am going to be,” was her response. It was through those introductions, that she found someone interested in illustrating her books.

A huge reminder that sometimes all you have to do is ask for what you want, and as Kim will attest, the universe provides.  Several of Kim’s books went on to become best sellers.

While her daughter’s illness was a challenge, Kim observed that it gave her purpose and to date, she has raised close to half a million for the CF Foundation. Her daughter, now 18, is doing well and Kim also has 15-year-old twin daughters.

But she was quick to confess that she wore her superwoman cape all the time, believing she had to do it all. She had to drop the perfection mantle and realize that good enough, was enough.

She’s had an interesting and diverse career, with many twists and turns along the way. Sometimes she’s had to stick it out in a job she didn’t like, but always she found lessons to learn and ways to make her choice at the time more palatable.

I think for those listening as she shared her story, we felt empowered. Her attitude is contagious and for those who are hesitant, her message persuaded us to forge ahead, not to wait until we thought everything is ready and perfect – because it never is.

In memory of her friend, Erika, Kim organized one of the largest flash mobs in Canada – you can learn more here Erika would always end a conversation by saying “I think you are amazing because…. “ And so we ended our meeting by saying how we felt the other women in the room were amazing.  A powerful moment.

Anne Day

Anne Day

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