I first saw Dee in action when she delivered an online class on Facebook groups. She captured her audience from start to finish, providing useful and practical information.

But Dee wasn’t always a social media expert, back when she left high school she went to Seneca College to study retail management and fashion merchandising and was promptly snapped up by Winners, working there for over 26 years.

It was when she was home on her maternity leave that she discovered her love and interest in social media. Like many first-time moms, she found it isolating and to create a group for herself, she started a Meet-Up group – Scarborough-Pickering Mamalicious Mamas, growing it up to 400 moms who would meet, share ideas and advice, generally support each other.

When it was time to return to her job at Winners where she had worked her way up the ranks to be a supervisor at the distribution centre, she wasn’t so sure that this was what she wanted to do anymore.

Working in the Marketing Division at Winners was not an option because she did not have enough experience and she started looking through LinkedIn for marketing jobs.

She quickly realized that if she wanted to move into social media she would need to go back to school and learn more and she signed up for a certificate course at George Brown.

“I was 47 when I left my corporate job, so at times it was a bit scary, but I also knew this was what I wanted to do.” shares Dee. While initially she wanted to work with larger companies, she quickly realized that working with other small business owners was more her niche.

To get the word out that she was available to help businesses strategize on their social media, Dee would post and curate social media articles on LinkedIn and share more of her personal story on Instagram and she built a following and a client base.

It comes as no surprise therefore that LinkedIn and Instagram are her favourite social media platforms and yet, as I learned from her presentation, she is also knowledgeable on Facebook too.

Part of the key to success, advises Dee, is to understand your ideal client, become aware of their habits and where they hang out online. She then recommends taking a strategic approach to planning your social media.

Moving forward, Dee is broadening her online offerings, and is busy developing online courses which she will be launching this fall.

Changing your career mid- life takes courage, and clearly Dee not only has the stamina and tenacity to make it work, she has the talent too.