Don’t let her British accent fool you, Rachael was actually born in Canada but left for the UK when she was a small child. Never truly feeling she belonged in the UK, she finally returned just two years ago.

Rachael was raised in Cornwall next to the ocean, and is now based in Niagara-Fort Erie. As she jokes “I traded the sea for the lake.”   When her plans to be a nurse fell through, she drifted or as she puts it “went off the rails.” She moved to an island of 200 people, married, divorced had children, and repeated the pattern again.

Rachael fought to buy the family home from her second husband after the divorce. But she found out that her name was not on the deeds and she had no share in it.

Not to be deterred, Rachael sought advice, worked five jobs, used creative financing and secured the family home in her own right on a 50/50 split. This was all while studying Social Work and raising her three children.   Looking back Rachael wonders how she did it but considers that if you have a vision and drive to achieve what you believe in, you can overcome any obstacles.

Rachael views owning property and having a passive income in your own name as a cornerstone to building choices in life. She never wanted to be homeless again.  “Every Christmas I would buy another house, “ she jokes. Today Rachael has 13 properties in the UK, and two units in Canada which she runs as a holiday short term rental (AIRBNB.) “You actually don’t need many properties to make a good living, you just need the right ones” she shares.

That passive income gives Rachael piece of mind and enables her to make choices about how she spends her time. In many ways that is just what she did when she was working with the equivalent of Children’s Aid in the UK. “I loved working with the families but I was being bullied by management.” So she chose to work as a consultant and worked all over the UK.

Her passion is to give professionals the confidence to be the best they can be in a profession that has so much to offer. Positive and confident professionals are better equipped to protect children and enable parents to succeed at being the best that they can be. “When you know better, you do better.”

With her warm, outgoing personality, people gravitate to Rachael, and while she may not be working in an official social work capacity, she finds her skills are put to good use with the people who cross her path – whether it is at a meeting, or visitors staying at one of her properties. “People just start to share their problems with me and I am only too glad to point out all the positives in their lives’ I want them to go away thinking ‘I can do this’.”

Rachael recommends that if people are thinking of pursuing the property industry, that they take some training and advice from people who have a proven record.  In fact, she offers advice and consultation to anyone who wants to use their home property to make additional income or who are thinking of investing in property and becoming a landlord.

What’s next for Rachael? She also wants to speak and write a book about how to find your passion and profession, believing that when you have found your calling, you have found true happiness. Clearly Rachael has found her’s.