In a recent study by the Institute for Employment Research, some very interesting findings were made. According to the researchers, nice people are likely to earn less money compared to their not-so-nice coworkers. You’re surprised, I know, but before you decide to be the bad guy at work, you’ve got to read this post to better understand what being ‘nice’ here really means.

What we are talking about here are the detrimental aspects of being “nice”. Oftentimes, they are associated with the following personality types: (These are the types of worker you should not become if you want to be considered for a promotion.)

1. The Nurturing Mother

Unless it is indicated in your job description, you should avoid being the self-appointed person who volunteers to decorate the bulletin board, organize company picnics, or clean the employee’s lounge. Doing these things on a regular basis will give people around you an impression that you are all about assisting and not actually leading.

2. The Diplomatic One

A diplomatic person tends to gather everyone’s opinion on certain issues. Although your intention is good, and to make sure everyone’s voice is heard, you may be thought of as someone who’s indecisive. What’s worse is that when you try to assert your own opinion, people won’t believe that it’s what you really believe in.

3. The Apologetic

Some people apologize way too much and more often than they should. You don’t have to apologize for things or issues that you have nothing to do with. When you do, you easily look like someone who isn’t confident in himself. Instead of constantly apologizing, be someone who always has a solution. This way, you will preserve the value of your apologies and you will be respected more for being a solution-person.

4. The Overly Generous

Nice people are nice to be with, of course. But don’t you find it annoying too to be with someone who always has something to offer, or someone who always lends a helping hand? It is good that you want to be someone who others can rely on for help, but make sure that you offer help when you are asked for it. Also, you should learn to take back something also.

5. The College Best Friend

Sharing secrets with your close friends may be normal, but this is not a good habit to form when you are at work. You should socialize, of course, but there is nothing good about dishing other people’s dirt. Remember that gossip travels really quickly, so you have to be careful with what stories you share with your colleagues.
Promotions are not always given to those who have the skills and experience in a particular job. More often than not, your personality and the way your coworkers feel about you really matter. Thus, any career coaching professional would advise that you not be the nicest person in the workplace all the time.
Cecile Peterkin

Cecile Peterkin

Cosmic Coaching Center

Cecile Peterkin is a certified career and retirement coach, and a registered member of the Career Professionals of Canada and the International Coach Federation. She is also the Founder and Senior Career Strategist at Cosmic Coaching Center, provider of career and life management services for middle managers and mid-career professionals across Canada, United States and Europe